How To Handle Pet Emergencies Prior To Going To The Animal Hospital


Accidents and injuries happen all the time. When it's for a member of your family, you know to rush them to the emergency room, and most times the person can tell you what happened and what hurts. When it's for your pet, it can be more difficult to figure out what has happened, what hurts on them and how to handle the situation. See below for some pet emergencies and how to handle the situation before going to the animal hospital.


First, check to see if your dog has gotten into anything that he shouldn't have. If you have dog is eating new food, or treats, be sure to bring the bag with you. Write down anything that you find and bring it with you to the pet hospital. Also write down if your dog has come into contact with any other animals that may be sick. Looking for the problem will help aid the veterinarian with a diagnosis.

Accidents (car accident, animal bites, etc.)

If your dog or cat has been hit by a car, bit by an animal or has experienced any other type of trauma, try to get your dog out of harm's way and to a safe area. Be very careful when doing so, as your pet may be scared and could bite or scratch you if he is scared. Apply pressure to the wound to help control any bleeding, then get your pet to the emergency veterinarian right away.

Breathing Difficulties

If you notice your pet is not breathing properly, such as panting excessively, it could mean a life threatening injury/illness. Try your best to remain calm and to keep your pet calm, then get your pet to the emergency veterinarian immediately.


Seizures can be anything from a mild head shake to a full body seizure. If your pet experiences any type of seizure, be sure to take note of how long the seizure lasts and try to keep your pet as calm as possible. Keep any other pets away, so as to not frighten the other pet (and the one having a seizure). Help calm your pet by repeating his/her name and telling them they are going to be alright. Hearing your voice in a calm manner will help. Once the seizure is over, your pet may need to use the bathroom, so let your pet out right away. Then take your pet to the animal hospital.

These are all emergencies that you hope never happen to your pet, but in the event that any of them do, try your best to remain calm, keep your pet calm and safe, and get them to the animal hospital as soon as possible. For more info, contact a company like Seattle Emergency Veterinary Hospital.


28 February 2017

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