2 Tips That Can Make Boarding Your Pets Easier


One of the most difficult parts about having a pet is being able to travel because not many hotels will allow you to keep a pet in there with you. However, boarding facilities are a great resource that can help you get around this issue. Listed below are two tips that you can follow that will make boarding your pets quite a bit easier.

Consider A Single Enclosure For Multiple Pets

One of the best ways to make your pets more comfortable at a boarding facility is to consider a single enclosure if you are planning on boarding multiple pets. In many cases, a pet boarding facility will offer larger enclosures that are designed to board two or more pets from a single owner. The reason that this is so useful for making your pets more comfortable is that it will allow them to have a familiar companion in the enclosure with them, which also has the added bonus of giving your pets someone else to play with during their stay.

A nice added bonus to this option is that it can also save you a bit of money. The reason for this is that many of the boarding facilities will offer you a discount for any additional pet that is going to be in the same enclosure as the first pet that you are boarding, which typically results in a lower overall price than if you were to get each and every one of your pets a separate enclosure.

Make Sure To Provide A Bag Of Food

Another tip to follow that can make boarding your pets easier is to simply provide a bag of food when you drop your pet off at the facility. Now, if you don't bring food that doesn't mean that the facilities simply going to let your pet store or serve your pet subpar food, it just means that you may end up in a situation where your pet has bowel issues due to the switch to a new food at the boarding facility. While this may not sound like a big deal, it can be extremely inconvenient when you get your pet home and the bowel issue starts up again when your pet is switched back to his or her original food and you have to deal with those bowel issues yourself.

Contact a local pet boarding facility today in order to discuss what you can do to make your pet comfortable while at the boarding facility. Considering a single enclosure for multiple pets and making sure to provide a bag of food are both great options to consider when trying to make boarding your pets easier. Visit http://www.marcumroadvet.com for more information.   


24 February 2017

Happy, Healthy Pets: Everything You Need to Know

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