4 Things to Do for Your Cat's Spay Procedure


If you have a cat, part of making sure that she stays healthy is making sure that she gets spayed. Cats who are spayed tend to have a longer lifespan and are healthier. So, what do you need to do to get your cat spayed and what should you do after she has been spayed? 

Get Vaccinations

Before your doctor spays your cat, you want to make sure that she is up to date on all her shots. Depending on how old she is and what her shot record is, she may have to come in for a first round of shots and then come in a couple of weeks later for a second set of shots. Those shots can generally be given the same day that your kitty is having her surgery. The reason for making sure that your pet has all her necessary vaccinations. 

Determine Age

You also need to make sure that your cat is old enough. Generally, it is OK to spay a cat if she is at least 8 weeks old and weighs two pounds. However, your vet may want to wait until she is a little older before they do the spay on your kitty, but in most cases, it is perfectly safe to get your kitten spayed early. Doing so may have more health benefits for her and make for an easier recovery. 

Hold the Food

The night prior to your cat's surgery, you will need to make sure that she has no food or water. That will make sure that she has a much lower risk of aspirating anything while she is under anesthesia. It may be hard to listen to her cry if you have to lock her in a room to make sure she doesn't eat, but it's for her own good. If you are worried that it might be too hard to keep her from food, talk to a clinic like Clovis Veterinary Hospital P A about keeping her overnight on the night before her surgery to make sure that she won't eat. 

Provide Aftercare

Your pet may be able to come home the same day as her surgery, but her vet may decide to keep her overnight, just for safety. Either way, there are things that you need to do to take care of her after her surgery. That includes making sure that she has her pain medication on the correct schedule. Cats don't always like to show that they are in pain, so it may be hard for you to tell she hurts. It's just best to give her the pain medication per the doctor's orders, just to make sure she's OK. 

Getting your kitty spayed helps to keep down the unwanted cat population. It also keeps your pet healthier. 


23 February 2017

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