3 Reasons To Ensure That Your Dog Is Vaccinated


One of the most important things that you can do when you own a dog is to make sure that he or she is vaccinated on a regular basis, mostly due to the fact that it can help prevent diseases that can actually be life-threatening for your dog. Listed below are three reasons to ensure that your dog is vaccinated.

Avoid Legal Issues

A major reason to ensure that your dog is vaccinated is that some vaccinations are actually legally required if you are going to own a dog. For example, the rabies vaccine is required in every state of the United States, and not having your dog vaccinated for rabies is a good way to end up with a very hefty fine. In addition, many rental properties will not allow you to actually move into the property unless you can show proof that your dog has received the necessary vaccinations, and if you do not keep up on those vaccinations the rental property may very well be able to evict you.

Avoid Health Issues

Another reason to ensure that your dog is vaccinated is due to the fact that some health issues and diseases that your dog can catch can actually be transmitted to human beings. This means that you and your family are actually at risk of becoming ill if your dog is not vaccinated. For example, rabies is one of the health issues that a dog can develop that can easily be spread to a human being.

In particular, you are going to want to make sure that your dog is vaccinated if you have a young child or elderly individual in your home because those two demographics are typically going to be dealing with a weaker immune system than a mature adult. As a result, those individuals are going to be more at risk of becoming ill if your dog catches a disease due to not being vaccinated.

Protect Your Dog From Other Animals

Finally, a common argument that many individuals make when it comes to rejecting the need for dog vaccinations is the fact that their dog is almost always in and closed yard and does not have access to other dogs. The problem with this is that you never know when your dog may be able to escape from your yard or in other animal could manage to break into the yard. In those situations, it only takes a few seconds or minutes of contact between your dog and another animal for your dog to potentially develop a disease or illness that a vaccination could have protected them from.

Make an appointment with your local veterinarian today in order to discuss what vaccinations your dog needs and the recommended vaccination schedule for your dog and to have your dog checked out. You need to ensure that your dog is vaccinated in order to avoid legal and health issues while also protecting your dog from other animals. Contact a company like Basking Ridge Animal Hospital to learn more.


17 February 2017

Happy, Healthy Pets: Everything You Need to Know

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