Cat Farts That Smell Like A Skunk (And Other Mysteries Explained)


All animals pass gas. That is just a fact of nature. Just because an animal is really tiny or really large does not mean that this does not happen. From a veterinarian's standpoint, it becomes a problem when the smell is absolutely foul, overwhelming and/or accompanied by other symptoms. If your cat is farting, and it smells like a skunk entered the room, here is how a veterinarian might explain it.


Some cats are just really overly sensitive to their food. You have to understand that cats are not exactly the types of animals that enjoy variety in their food bowl. In the wild, they hunt mice and rodents, more often than not catching a mouse for dinner. They may try to catch the occasional bird meal, but really, they go for the easiest prey, regardless of the repetition. If you are feeding your cat ten different flavors of soft and hard food in the same week, do not be surprised if he/she passes gas and it reeks to high heaven. This clearly tells you, the human, that you need to focus on just one brand of food and one flavor of food. Your cat will be content with that.

Anal Glands

You thought only dogs have anal glands? Guess again. Cats have them too, as theirs are responsible for lubricating their feces on the way out. If the anal sacs in a cat are swollen or infected, passing gas that smells like a skunk is the direct result. You can tell if there is a problem simply by lifting your cat's tail and checking out his/her "business" back there. If you were to place an "x" over the anus, and any one leg of this invisible "x" is larger than the others, congratulations! You need to take your cat to the vet and have the anal sacs expressed. It is that, or continue whiffing that "dead-skunk-in-the-road" smell.


Oh, joy—your cat has worms. Believe it or not, but intestinal worms can definitely cause your cat to have really bad gas. If you also notice him or her doing the "scooting dog butt" pose, you definitely have a problem. If your cat shares the home with other cats and/or dogs, guess what? ALL of the animals have to be treated simultaneously. Your vet can check your cat's poo for eggs and worms, and then give you medicine for all of the animals you have in the house. If you have small, crawling children, you may want to have them tested too, since intestinal worms in cats do not mind taking up house in infants who constantly stick their hands in their mouths


15 February 2017

Happy, Healthy Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Hello, my name is Katrina, and I love my dog. We live out in the country, so he is able to run a lot. He even has neighboring dogs who come to see him and play. However, fresh air and exercise are not the only things he needs. He also needs a healthy diet, the right shots, and care for his mental health. If you are a pet owner, you will love the tips that I plan to include in this blog. I'm going to focus these posts on everything you need to know to keep your dog happy and healthy. I hope these ideas help you, and I wish you and your pet many years of happiness and good health together.