Choosing A Vet For Your Pet Parrot: What To Look For


Owning a parrot is a major responsibility. Not only do you have a wonderful pet that can quickly learn to mimic things you say or do, but you also have a companion for most of your life. Some breeds of parrot, including the popular cockatoo, can live upwards of 25 years. With this kind of commitment, you need to make sure you give your pet regular veterinary care, such as beak and nail trimming, vaccinations and vitamins, and checkups to make sure they are at the right weight and not suffering from bird diseases.

Choosing a vet for your parrot should be something you put a lot of thought into to ensure you get the most educated care and access to medical procedures common to birds. Here is a guide to helping you choose the right vet for your pet parrot.

Specialty in exotic pets

Choose a veterinarian who specializes in bird patients, or at least choose a vet who has vast knowledge of exotic species. Birds are considered exotic pets along with lizards, some rodents, and snakes. A traditional small animal vet may not know how to spot common bird conditions, such as excessive molting, eye issues, or respiratory problems from feather dander, and will likely refer you to a vet who can better meet your parrot's veterinary needs. If you don't know of an exotic vet in your area, then consult with a veterinarian for a referral.

The right gender

Parrots are notorious for preferring a single person or gender over another, and this can make it difficult to handle the bird if this is the case with your bird. While not all breeds are like this and every parrot is different, gender or person preference is real and is caused by many factors, including:

  • the gender of the person who bred them
  • the gender of the person who hand-raised the bird
  • the gender of the parrot itself

If your parrot prefers you over anyone else in the family, you may want to choose a vet with the same gender as well to make going in for regular checkups much easier on them (and you).

House calls

Transporting a parrot to and from the vet can be an ordeal that can put a lot of strain on the bird's nervous system. If you can, find a vet who offers house calls for regular checkups to limit the amount of traveling you will do with your parrot over the years. Some vets offer this service for an additional convenience fee, which offsets the stress of traveling with your bird for every regular visit.

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8 February 2017

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