A Great Day With Your Pet Can End Abruptly. Be Mindful Of These Two Hazardous Circumstances


If you own a pet, you likely appreciate their companionship. You may have spent many days together at your home or out enjoying a pet vacation or outing. Some people get comfortable with these fun and routine activities and do not realize situations that could be dangerous for their pets. 


Perhaps you have a habit of getting your pet and going for a drive without a second thought. You may have never considered that pets can get injured in vehicles. Think about it. Some dogs weigh the same or less than some children. People protect their children when they travel in cars by ensuring that they use infant seats, booster seats, or seat belts. Your pet needs to be protected during travel too.

There are safety seats for dogs, and you can also consider transporting your dog in a cage. Dog owners have several options they can use to keep their pets safe. If you own small pets such as hamsters or cats, you need to put them in a cage for their safety. If you are involved in a car accident with your pet, seek emergency pet clinic services at clinic like Animal Emergency Clinic, just as you would seek emergency room care for yourself. This is because your pet cannot communicate whether they feel pain; they might also have serious injuries that cannot be seen with the naked eye such as broken bones, concussions, or contusions.

Dog Parks

A day at the park is joyous for most dogs. If you have a dog park in your area, you likely feel at ease when you take your dog to play. This is because your dog is most likely going to be able to interact with other dogs, and you can get a chance to socialize with other pet owners. However, you might be overlooking the fact that there could be dogs present at these locations that could cause your dog bodily injury or sickness.

Try to keep your dog away from dogs who appear sick or aggressive. If your dog's behavior or mood changes after being around a potentially sick dog at a park, seek immediate emergency attention. This is because they might be getting sick and early intervention could save their life. There are other potential dangers at dog parks, too. For example, if your pet is not getting heartworm treatments, they might be susceptible to heartworm disease if they are bitten by a mosquito during summer play. If you take them through thick brush, a tick could attach to their fur. Always check your dog for ticks after outdoor play, and try to seek professional pet care for tick removal. Your dog needs to get checked for Lyme disease if you elect to remove ticks yourself. 


16 December 2016

Happy, Healthy Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Hello, my name is Katrina, and I love my dog. We live out in the country, so he is able to run a lot. He even has neighboring dogs who come to see him and play. However, fresh air and exercise are not the only things he needs. He also needs a healthy diet, the right shots, and care for his mental health. If you are a pet owner, you will love the tips that I plan to include in this blog. I'm going to focus these posts on everything you need to know to keep your dog happy and healthy. I hope these ideas help you, and I wish you and your pet many years of happiness and good health together.