The Cat Who Came Back To Life Five Days After Burial


Most stories about feline friends having nine lives are taken with a grain of salt, knowing that science doesn't really provide a reality in which a living creature can cheat death nine times. In the middle of this technological and scientifically advanced world, however, there are still some situations that surprise even the greatest expert. One such case is that of Bart, a one and a half year old cat who was tragically hit by a car and sorrowfully buried in a shallow grave by a neighbor (the family was too sad to handle the burial themselves). As Bart's family struggled through the grief process, they were shocked to find something they never thought possible: five days after the burial, Bart was back from the grave. Veterinary experts at the local humane society rushed to the cat's side, preforming emergency maneuvers to assure his full health:

Broken Jaw Repaired

Bart's miraculous return to life has been hailed as a miracle by experts, who claim that he was certainly dead upon burial and it seems impossible that even an alive cat in his condition could have crawled out from underground. Not everything went back to normal immediately, however, because the effects of the car still had left his body down and out-- primarily in the form of a broken jaw.

In order to repair a cat's broken jaw, veterinarians must first put the cat to sleep using anesthesia-- a necessary step for an otherwise painful process. Using a stainless steel wire, experts temporarily wire the jaw back together (for approximately a month) while the bones heal back to their original positions. In most cases, the cat can eat normally for the duration of the month.

Damaged Eye Removed

In the cases of some feline accidents (as was in the case of Bart), an eye can be damaged beyond repair. There are many different causes that can lead to an eye injury in a cat, from fights with other animals to scratches gained from running through sharp weeds and thorns. Of course, your vet will do everything possible to save the injured eye-- but in some cases it may be impossible.

In these unfortunate circumstances, the vet will surgically remove the eye to prevent any further pain from affecting your pet. Although the cat will need the time to adjust to a new field of vision, you should expect your feline to make a full recovery given the right amount of rest and love.

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3 February 2015

Happy, Healthy Pets: Everything You Need to Know

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