Did Your Puppy Yelp After Chewing an Electrical Cord? Here Is What to Watch For


Puppies are curious creatures and they teeth a lot. Sometimes this teething curiosity leads them to chew on things they shouldn't, like electrical cords. It is likely that you may not see your puppy chewing on an electrical cord. If your puppy yelps and you figure out that an electrical shock occurred, use this guide to look for specific symptoms that your vet needs to look at.

Redness on Tongue or Mouth

An electrical shock creates a burn on the area that's exposed to the electricity. In the case of puppies chewing on electrical cords, their burn is on the mouth or tongue. Look for redness in this area shortly after the shock. Do what you can to ease the pain by holding ice on the red spot or sore.

Holding a puppy down to hold ice on the shocked area is difficult, so fill the water bowl with ice and allow it melt, encouraging the puppy to drink the cold water.


A seizure in a puppy can occur immediately after the shock, or even a few days later. Keep a close eye on your puppy and if there is a seizure, cover the puppy up with a blanket, darken the room and remove other pets to quiet the room. Instruct other people in the room to not make a sound. Quieting the puppy and the room settles the brain and the seizure subsides faster. Take the puppy to an emergency vet as soon as possible.


For a few days after the shock, observe your puppy's behavior. If it doesn't want to eat or drink and stops playing, call your vet for an appointment. Again, symptoms of lethargy can happen right after the shock or a few days later.

Keep in mind that your puppy may be afraid immediately after getting shocked by an electrical cord. They may be a little clingy and timid. This is not a sign of lethargy, but instead a sign that they were scared. This fear should subside quickly and they should start to feel like themselves soon after the shock.

Call a vet clinic such as Coble Animal Hospital as soon as you notice that your puppy has experienced an electrical shock. Seek emergency treatment for your puppy if they are unconscious immediately after the shock. If you see your puppy getting shocked and they cannot let loose of the cord, turn off the power without grabbing the puppy. You could end up getting shocked yourself. Assist your puppy after you turn off the power.


3 February 2015

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